Skiing with us means being able to take advantage of technical advice on skiing style but not only, the instructor will be able to offer you valuable information regarding safety and the prevention of accidents in the alpine environment. In fact, all the instructors of the Valtournenche ski school are specialized professionals who have passed a training course lasting 90 days. During this training, the students learn not only the techniques of the Italian ski manual but also all the precautions to ski in total safety.
Furthermore, each teacher is required to update himself every 3 years to always be aware of any innovations of any kind. In this regard it is worth mentioning the SAFE SKI PROJECT of which the Valtournenche Ski and Snowboard School is part. In fact, we believe that being informed on the correct style of approach to the mountain is essential for the protection of the mountain itself and of anyone who lives it with passion and respect.

Have a good skiing!

Rules of conduct
on the ski slopes

every skier must behave in such a way as not to endanger the person of others or cause damage.
Speed ​​mastery: each skier must maintain a speed and behavior appropriate to their ability, as well as to general conditions and weather.

the upstream skier who, due to the dominant position, has the possibility to choose the route must keep a direction that avoids the danger of collision with the downstream skier.

the skier must pay attention to the trajectories of other skiers, in consideration of the type of equipment used: ski, snowboard, telemark, carving. He is also required to give priority to means.

overtaking can be carried out, with sufficient space and visibility, both upstream and downstream, on the right or on the left, but always at a distance such as to avoid hindering the overtaken skier.

It’s good practice that the skier does not bend over the edge of the track, but always leaves enough space to facilitate his overtaking.

the skier who enters a slope, or crosses a training ground, must make sure, by visual checks upstream and downstream, that he can do it without danger to himself and to others. The same behavior must be kept after each stop.

where it is necessary to stop, the skier must position himself on the slope. It is forbidden to stop in the obligatory passages or without visibility.

it is forbidden to walk the ski slopes, except in cases of urgent need. In such cases, those who descend the slope without skis must keep to its edges. The ascent of the slopes is forbidden, but can be authorized by the manager only along the edge of the same.

the skier must comply with the obligations and prohibitions provided for by the specific signs as well as, for children under 14, the obligation to wear a protective helmet compliant with the sector regulations (except for holders of a ticket purchased abroad ).

anyone must provide assistance in the event of an accident.

whoever is involved in an accident or is a witness is required to give their personal details.