I think the most important thing in the skiing both have fun. If you enjoy it, everything else it becomes easy.

Lindsey Vonn

Have fun with our instructors by learning the technique of skiing!

They will accompany you from discovering this exciting sport, to perfecting your technique or just having fun!


Snowboarding is an exciting sport freedom from all pores of the table, capable with time to become a lifestyle.

Markus Kobold

Join our snowboard professionals, they will be very skilled guides in introducing you to snowboarding from the approach to the most advanced levels. Also ask about freeride and freestyle, fun is guaranteed!


There is nothing more satisfying than leave your signature on a slope that no one has ever skied.

Martino Colonna

Come and ski off-piste with our instructors who will make you discover immaculate slopes in complete safety.


Do you want to try the skiing of the origins? Elegance, poetry: these are the characteristics of telemark, the oldest skiing technique that man has ever invented.

This ski, also called “Free Heel”, still represents a dream of freedom today.

Telemark is one of the most beautiful and fascinating alpine skiing techniques, which is distinguished by the fact that the skier skis with the “free heel”, bending the knees alternately. The technique was invented by the Norwegian Sondre Norheim in the mid-nineteenth century and is considered the beginning of skiing as a sport. Before then, skiing existed as a means of moving on snow-covered terrain.
With the Telemark it was finally possible to make changes in direction, and this allowed the ski to be opened to the descent of steeper slopes and therefore to speed.


Do you love contact with nature?

Come and discover cross-country skiing. Our instructors await you in the beautiful town of Champlève and Cervinia, with them you will learn and perfect the technique.